Individual Tax Return in Melbourne

Allow our team to lodge your Australian tax returns on your behalf. Beginning on 1 July and ending 30 Jume, tax returns are due on 31 October — after the end of the tax year.


Tax returns are required to be filed by each residing individual whose total income (derived from sources within and outside of Australia) is more than the minimum threshold. For temporary residents, non-employment income derived from sources outside of Australia is generally ignored for tax purposes. Furthermore, employment income derived from sources outside of Australia, prior to arrival in Australia, is generally ignored for this purpose.

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Non Residents

Tax returns are required to be filed by non-residents who derive any Australian-sourced income (other than franked dividends, interest, managed investment trust income or royalties, and departing Australia superannuation payments which are subject to a final withholding tax).

Our Individual Tax Return Services

Current Tax Rates

We stay on top of the current tax rates and will keep you updated.

Tax Departure Compliance

A final income tax return may be required for the tax year in which they departed.

Types of Taxable Income

From earned income and dividends, to interest and capital gains, we deal with all kinds of tax.


If you are an expat in Australia, we can help with your tax return.

Tax of Capital Gains

Investment income (such as dividends, interest, and rental income) and capital gains are assessed to tax in the year in which they are derived. They are included in total taxable income.

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